Irish customer signing 8 tons steam boiler

Release time:2018-09-27

Industrial 8000kg 8 ton coal fuel steam boiler for Irish food factory has been signed by Irish customer last month.The 8 tons steam boiler contract prescribed the time of delivery ,packaged, payment and other matters.

8 tons steam boiler
8tons steam boielr

Last month,Irish customer came to our boiler factory investigate the company's production capacity and product quality,After a day of investigation and comparison, the Irish client selected an 8-ton coal-fired boiler.

8 tph steam boiler type horizontal package smoke tubes, 3 pass, for sale having following details.

Name:8 ton coal fired steam boiler 

Type: coal fired steam boiler

Capacity: 8ton steam per hour

Pressure: ≤1.6Mpa


Thermal efficiency: ≥95%

Project Location : Irish

Irish customer steam boiler
Irish customer bought a boiler

8ton steam boiler advantage

1. Simple, durable and reliable

2. The whole plate boundary has butt-jointed seam with the advantages of high reliability and low cost of repair.

3. High efficiency, high performance

4. Naturally positive circulatory pattern

5. Manholes provided at the ends of each drum for maintenance to observe combustion status.