Thai delegation visited our company

Release time:2018-09-27

On May 17, 2018 at the ZBG Boiler company was held a visiting on boiler production, manufacturing and trade cooperation with Thailand food company. The event took place in boiler company manufacture factory and boiler company office.

Thai customer visited boiler company

Thai delegation visited boiler company

The delegation consisted of the leaders of the largest food company in Thailand, the main intention of its visit was the discussion the prospects of cooperation in trade and economic cooperation between Zhengzhou boiler co.,ltd and Thailand.

First,the Thailand customer visited our boiler factory with the leader of our company,visiting the coal fired boiler ,biomass fired boiler and oil gas fired boiler and boiler production process.

visit and talk with boiler company leader

talk with boiler company leader

visit boiler product

visiting boiler product in boiler factory

Second,The Thai delegation come to boiler company office visited working environment and office conditions.Our sales manager introduced the purchase of boiler and the payment and delivery and our technicians then introduced the performance and advantages of boiler.

Thai delegation visited office in boiler company

sales manager are introducing

take photo with boiler company leader

with boiler company leader