a rivet welder technical competition held in ZBG boiler

Release time:2018-09-27

On April 8th, ZBG Boiler held an annual competition for rivet welder technical competition.

an annual competition for rivet welder
rivet welder technical competition

The contest was hosted by the HR Department of ZBG Boiler, with the theme of “practice skills, strong quality, new achievements, and promotion of development”. There are two major items: theoretical examination and practical operation. Among them, the actual operation part is riveting and welders. (divided into argon arc welding, gas shielded welding and arc welding) four single items, more than 100 employees from various workshops participated in the competition.

boiler events of an annual competition for rivet welder
boiler events held in ZBG boiler

From "ZBG manufacturing" to "ZBG Intelligent Manufacturing ", the craftsman spirit was passed down from generation to generation in ZBG. The various skill competitions held regularly set up a good platform for the company's employees to display skills and learn skills, and fully exerted the leading role of vocational skills competition in the training of skilled workers.