hot water boiler
6 ton coal fired hot water boiler

6 ton coal fired hot water boiler

  • Capacity :6 ton/4.2 mw
  • Pressure :≤1.6MPa
  • Fuel :coal
  • Application :Industrial usage

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Description of 6 ton coal fired hot water boiler

D-type 6 ton coal fired hot water boiler is water tube boiler with no framework, natural circulation and two boiler barrels. The boiler barrel is of longitudinal arrangement, full-membrane water cooled wall structure, and slight pressure burning. The products can be classified into hot water boiler, saturated steam boiler and superheated steam boiler.

4.2 MW coal fired hot water boiler takes coal, bituminous coal,,brown coal,A coal as fuel. It is equipped with the most modern combustion equipment and automatic control system to ensure the most safe and economical operation.

coal hot water boiler is widely used as start-up boiler in chemical factory, steel mill, heating power plant, various industrial companies, and power plant. Besides, it can be used in heating, production and processing, and power generation.

Advantage of 6 ton coal fired hot water boiler

Steady supply of steam
Sturdy construction
Zero Refractory boilers
Easy access for maintenance and tube cleaning
High efficient boilers are provided with Imported Burners complete with intelligent burner management systems for liquid and gas fuel firing
Manual/ Automatic Fuel Feeding system provided as per requirement
Furnace is provided with primary and secondary air to create turbulence and ensure complete combustion of fuel in furnace.
Zero leakage of flue gases due to membrane wall construction
Proper provision for expansion thereby avoiding undue stresses in boiler.

6 ton coal fired hot water boiler parameter
Type DZL
Output 6 ton hot water per hour
Steam temperature 194℃
Rated steam pressure 0.7Mpa/1Mpa/1.25Mpa/1.6Mpa
Fuel type brown coal and other coal
Feed temperature 20℃
Structure Fire tube
Thermal efficiency 95%