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30 MW coal fuel SHL power plant boiler

30 MW coal fuel SHL power plant boiler

  • Capacity :30 MW
  • Pressure :≤5.29MPa
  • Fuel :bituminous coal, anthracite
  • Application :power plant

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Introduction of 30 MW coal fuel SHL power plant boiler

The 30 MW coal fuel SHL power plant boiler is arranged with the double-barrel in longitudinal arrangement. The combustion structure adopts the chain grate. It is suitable for the fuel of coal or mixed coal. The water-cooled wall on both sides of the furnace adopts the membrane water wall structure. The front and rear water wall tubes extend downward to the upper grate to form into the front and rear arches to increase the boiler sealing performance and to increase the furnace volume and the heating surface..

At the back of the combustion chamber, there are the reburning chamber, the convection tube bundle and the coal economizer. The flue gas flows through the furnace chamber, combustion chamber, convection tube bundle and the coal economizer to the back end ductwork. And then the flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the dust catcher, induced draught fan and chimney.

30 MW coal fired SHL power plant boiler feature

1.Reasonable heat surface and burning device,heat efficiency is 4%~5% higher than national standard.

2.Reasonable flue speed design, heating surface without ash deposition and no abrasion, Under the condition of no soot blowing, the boilers can work full lood, high efficiently and safety in long term.

3.The big and tall boiler furnace can be easily designed according to the different fuel to improve the burning rate of fuel and remove black smoke.

4.All single loop design and adopt reasonable injected circulation design for the hot water boilers. The medium speed in loop of heat surface is higher than national standard.

5.Dust inertia separated at the outlet furnace which can reduce exhaust gas concentration and lessen abrasion of rear hat surface.

6.Compact structure makes its installation volume is smaller 3~5 meter lower than other style boilers installation height, and lesson abrasion of back heat surface.

7.Big water volume benefits for power-off protection, high ability suitable for load changing.

30 MW coal fuel SHL power plant boiler parameter
Type ZG
Output 30 MW
Rated Steam Pressure 5.29 MPa
Steam Temperature 450℃
Feed Water Temperature 150℃
Structure Double drum vertical type
Thermal efficiency 95%
Fuel type all kinds of coal