steam boiler
2tph horizontal steam boiler

2tph horizontal steam boiler

  • Capacity :2Ton/1.4MW/2tph
  • Pressure :≤1.6MPa
  • Fuel :anthracite coal
  • Application : Food Industry, Textile Plant, sugar mill, etc.

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Introduction of 2tph steam boiler

DZL series coal fired horizontal type packaged boiler is single drum longitudinal type with natural circulation, the main components are installed within the factory. After installing the large parts, just need to setup pipeline, instrumentation valves, flue duct, and slag extractor, etc, connect water and electricity power, and incorporated into the heating network system, then the boiler could operate.

This boiler is consisted of boiler drum, furnace and convection pass, which are made up of two sides water-cooled tubes, the front smoke box is consisted of four casing pipes and front tube plate, the boiler drum is equipped with thread convection tubes. Chain grate is under the water cooling system, to support the whole boiler body, to form a packaged boiler.

Features of 2tph coal fired packed boiler

1.The overall layout is compact, covers a small area. Only single storey layout is needed for the boiler room, low cost on infrastructure construction, convenient for transportation, and short installation period.

2.Using spirally corrugated tubes, strengthen the disturbance of flue gas, high heat transfer efficiency.

3.Reasonable design, safe and reliable operation, flat fire bed, and high thermal efficiency.

4.Complete auxiliaries, mechanized coaling and slag tapping, convenient operation.

5.Use chain grate, low coal leakage, good ventilation, wide adaptability of different coals.

6.The boiler shell use aluminium silicate board for heat preservation, low heat loss.

7.Equipped PLC full automatic intelligent control system, operate automatically.

8.Full automatic interlock protection program, has the protection function of water shortage, over pressure, over temperature, gas leakage, flame out, and electric leakage, etc.

9.By equipping with economizer, make full use of flue gas heat, increase the thermal efficiency.

2ton steam boiler parameter

Type DZL
Output 2 ton steam per hour
Steam temperature 194℃
Rated steam pressure 0.7Mpa/1Mpa/1.25Mpa/1.6Mpa
Fuel type anthracite coal and other coal
Feed temperature 20℃
Structure Fire tube
Thermal efficiency 95%