steam boiler
3 tph coal steam boiler

3 tph coal steam boiler

  • Capacity :3 TPH/3 ton/2.1mw
  • Pressure :1.25MPa
  • Fuel :coal
  • Application :textile mill

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Introduction of 3 tph coal steam boiler




4.Steam temperature:194°c


6.Structure:horizontal water-fire tube, single drum

7.Type: DZL chain grate stoker automatic feeding fuel and removing dregs type.

8.Application:industrial production and processing.

Advantage of 3 tph coal steam boiler

1.Three pass structure:ectend the flow of smoke and enhance the heat transfer.

2. Water-fire tube type:Fire tube:the flue goes through furnace, wing-shape flue and fire tubes to form three pass as said in the above. Water tube: water in some tubes rises after heating and some declines, which forms a natural circulation.

3.Spirally corrugated tube:heat transfer enhancement, reduce the spirally corrugated tube numbers, and improve the suppleness to avoid the tube plate cracking.

4.Arched tube plate:reduce the thermal stress of weld and improve the tube plate suppleness,meantime, simplify the structure and save the boiler room space.

5.Wing-shape flue:reduce the smoke temperature of high temperature tube plate to slow down subcooled boiling. In this way, it can prevent tube plate cracking, reduce heat load of boiler bottom and prevent bulge.

6.Simple circulation loop, large sized down pipe and bottom container.: Prevent tube explosion , increase the reliability of water circulation ,avoid deposition of debris and dirt,reduce fuel consumption and improving the operating time of boiler.

7.New type arch made with refractory cement by overall pouring and big size furnace.:Reduce fuel consumption and protect the environment.

8.Optimally designed water feeding apparatus and steam separation device.: The optimally designed water feeding apparatus reduces overhigh water level in shell high temperature zone due to overheat

9.optimally designed steam separation device is good for gravity separation, which makes the steam humidity lower than 1%, obviously lower than national standard of 4%;

10.Complete protection device:deal with the situation of overpressure,overtemperature,water shortage and flameout.

3 tph coal steam boiler parameters

Type DZL
Output 3 ton steam per hour
Steam temperature 194℃
Rated steam pressure 1.25Mpa
Fuel type anthracite coal and other coal
Feed temperature 20℃
Structure Fire tube
Thermal efficiency 95%