steam boiler
4 TPH coal fired steam boiler

4 TPH coal fired steam boiler

  • Capacity :4 tph/4000kg/h
  • Pressure :1.25MPa
  • Fuel :coal
  • Application :Industrial usage

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Introduction of DZL Series Industrial Use 4 TPH Steam Wood Coal Fired Boiler

DZL series steam boiler is a horizontal type single drum packaged boiler, the combustion equipment is chain grate. Both sides water tube wall of furnace are radiation heating surface, the two wing flue are convection heating surface, corrugated tubes are arranged in drum, strength the disturbance of flue gas, improve heat transfer efficiency. The furnace wall is use heat resistance concrete, high temperature resistance refractory brick, and aluminium silicate board for heat preservation, decrease heat loss, increase thermal efficiency. The boiler adopts upper drum, water tube wall and heater are bilateral symmetry. The drum is consisted of barrel and the front and rear tube plate.

Advantage of 4 tph coal fired steam boiler

1. Moving grate made of cast iron, large furnace design, manual stoker, good applicability of fuel, coal,
2. Few moving parts, less investment, low operating costs, low maintenance costs.
3. Forced ventilation, pressure boost fast to make sure enough output.
4. Compact structure, easy to install, reducing the cost of the boiler room and installation cost.
5. Single drum design big water volume, ability to adapt to changes in load.
6. Sufficient combustion, large heating surface, adopt efficient threaded pipe, thermal efficiency higher than the national standard.


4 tph coal fired steam boiler parameters

Type DZL
Output 4 TPH steam per hour
Steam temperature 194℃
Rated steam pressure 1.25Mpa
Fuel type anthracite coal and other coal
Feed temperature 20℃
Structure Fire tube
Thermal efficiency 95%