5 ton coal steam boiler in Israel

A Israel customer who is a textile company manager has order a 5 ton coal steam boiler for their textile factory .

Horizontal double drum coal boiler case in Mongolia

chain grate coal fired hot water boiler in Mongolia. This customer bought coal fired water boiler for supply steam for textile mill with 3 sets of 20ton per hour.

35 ton circulating fluidized boilers project in India

a thermal power plant in India signed a contract with our company to purchase a 35-ton external circulating fluidized bed power station boiler for power generation. It also equipped a low-pressure pulse-rotating spray bag filter.

10 ton steam boiler project in Kazakhstan

Recently, one set of 10 ton AII coal fuel steam boiler is installing in Kazakhstan. The steam boiler project in Kazakhstan experienced a half-month installation cycle and finally boiler project in Kazakhstan succeed.