Horizontal double drum coal boiler case in Mongolia

coal fired steam boiler
Textile Plant
Horizontal double drum coal boiler case in Mongolia

Several month ago, we built chain grate coal fired hot water boiler in Mongolia. This customer bought coal fired water boiler for supply steam for textile mill with 3 sets of 20ton per hour.

Overview of Horizontal double drum coal boiler case in Mongolia

Export case:coal fired boiler case in Mongolia

Delivery date: May 15, 2018

Export country: Mongolia

Application area: textile mill

Export products: coal-fired steam boiler

Lead time: one month

coal boiler case in Mongolia
coal fired boiler project in Monoglia for textile mill

Feature of Horizontal double drum coal boiler

1) Furnace arch adopts advanced design, forming obvious inverse “α” flue gas flow, which makes the boiler strong adaptability of different fuels.

2) The front and back arches are “wet arch” structure, keep a constant temperature and protect the arch.

3) Adopts water cooling combustion chamber, increase the radiant heating area, improve the output and thermal efficiency.

4) The boiler body use membrane water wall structure, good sealing, low heat lose.

5) The grate is 500~1000mm longer than others, the fuel combustion time is longer, improve the combustion efficiency.

6) The small scale flake grate could resist the temperature as high as 1200℃, long working life.

7) The chain grate has a low coal leakage because of the small gap.

8) High automatic degree, decrease labor cost.

9) Convenient for maintenance, it could be done without boiler shut down.