50 ton/hr Steam boiler for tyre production

Release time:2018-09-30

steam is needed in the production process of tires. With the rapid development of the automobile industry, in recent years, tyres also have great demand. Therefore, steam boilers are also widely used in tire production.Yesterday, a US customer ordered one 50 ton/hr Steam boiler for tyre production.

Steam boiler for tyre production

Vulcanization is required during tire production,For Vulcanization Steam Boilers are being used tire production.first ,heating, it is necessary to shape the tire. After shaping, the mixture is heated by taking heat from steam about 200 degrees Celsius, this heating increase the vulcanization rate. For producing steam which is required for steam boiler is used.

50 ton boiler for tyre production
steam boiler required for tyre production

In steam vulcanization, direct contact type of heating occurs, steam comes in direct contact of rubber. Hence the steam is used for vulcanization need to be treated if it is used in the cycle because due to direct contact steam gets impure. Steam has a high vulcanization capacity. In steam vulcanization saturated steam is used at the pressure about 18-24bar.

50 ton/hr Steam boiler

50 ton/hr Steam boiler can produce 50 ton steam per hour.the customer bought 50 ton/hr Steam boiler which is horizontal type and fire tube single drum boiler.the following are parameters of 50 ton boiler for tyre production.

50 ton/hr Steam boiler
horizontal type single drum steam boiler

Type:horizontal type single drum



Rated steam temperature: 194℃

Boiler feed water temperature: 105 ℃

Thermal efficiency:95%


Advantage of 50 ton boiler for tyre production

1. In the furnace cavity to effectively reduce the heat loss, both sides of the membrane water wall.

2. The specially designed water-cooled arches make the furnace gas longer and improve the combustion efficiency.

3. The distance between the front and rear of the grille, and then more fully extend the fuel combustion.Chain grate grate, suitable for particles, can add a small amount of wood, wood or coal.

5. Steam boiler using the latest research results, such as: arch plate, threaded pipe, to solve the tube plate shell shell shell boiler, water pipes, low efficiency, lack of power, coal adaptability, PF and so on.