20t/h coal-fired boiler calculation of coal consumption

Release time:2018-10-11

The coal consumption of 20t/h coal-fired boiler is about 2700 kg/h. This is assuming that the efficiency of a 20-ton boiler is 80%. If the thermal efficiency is increased, the coal consumption of the boiler will be greatly reduced.There will be a formula for the calculation of coal consumption for coal-fired boilers.

coal consumption of boiler
coal fired boiler

Calculation of coal fired boiler fuel consumption

Coal consumption of coal-fired boilers = heat required by boiler / calorific value of coal / thermal efficiency of boiler

For example, the heat required for 1 ton coal-fired boiler is 600,000 kcal/hour, a coal-based fuel with a minimum calorific value of 5,500 kcal/kg is assumed. The thermal efficiency of the boiler is generally about 80% (the ZBG boiler CFB boiler is currently available). The combustion efficiency is about 92%, which is comparable to the national standard efficiency of gas boilers. Then, the coal consumption per hour of a 1 ton coal-fired boiler is: 600000kcal/h÷5500kcal/kg÷80%=136kg/h

20t/h coal-fired boiler
boiler buren coal fuel

It can be seen that how much fuel a coal-fired boiler consumes per hour depends on a number of factors. If the selected fuel has a high calorific value and the boiler has high efficiency, the fuel consumption of the boiler will definitely be low, otherwise the boiler operation will increase. Fuel costs. In addition, the more complicated the boiler structure, the more factors affecting fuel consumption.